Greet Nkrumah for us (a dirge)

Great new ghost,
Greet Nkrumah for us
Tell him we miss him

You two were like twin towers
standing tall, shining bright
whilst they plotted and schemed
to pull you down...

but even in death you still stand tall.

Great new ghost,
Don't tell Nkrumah we called you names
Just like we did to him.
Don't tell him we wished you death
Just like we did him.

If the wailing of a million breast-beating women
will bring you back, we will employ them
If the dirge from our flutes and fontonfroms
will bring you back, we will invoke them...

But to who will you return?
To what will you return?

Once again, a saviour has been crucified.
May your soul beg forgiveness for us.
Once again, a great lion has fallen
and malnourished hyenas pretend to mourn.

Great new ghost just gone,
Tell Nkrumah good things.
Tell him Ghana's really moving forward.
Tell him we are no more divided by tribe and flag.
Tell him we bless our leaders, not curse them.
Tell him we are grateful for every safe night,
every morsel of kenkey, every drop of milk.

You whose strength lay in your silence-
You've never sounded louder in our ears:
It is peace that matters. Peace. Peace. Peace.

Rest in Perfect Peace.


Unknown said…
... and malnourished hyenas pretend to mourn.
Selina Ayelsuma said…
Very profound piece. He was indeed a light that shone so bright
Tonyi Senayah said…
Very great piece of writing. Kudos
Ewiase said…
never knew you are so good in poetry. well done!
papakwasi said…
Anonymous said…
NK, good one!
Nana said…
Great piece, he really was an amazing blessing for Ghana. Hopefully, every public servant will embody what he was about. Serving his country not the country serving him.... He will be greatly missed.
Anonymous said…
Awww am really touched this is really nice,i can't find the right word,its just beautiful
TT said…
" .... it is vital, that we should nurture our own culture and history if we are to develop that African personality which must provide the educational and intellectual foundations of our Pan-African future" (Nkrumah (1963)


Dear Nana Kofi Acquah,
when I look thru your blog, and inhale the pictures and follow your writings, I can feel the inspiration, that Nkrumah had left behind - even after 40 years.

I'm strongly impressed
Anonymous said…
This is worthy enough to make it into the funeral programme. Thank you for such a fitting tribute. I am posting this to my fb wall if you don't mind.
Nana Kofi - this is beautiful writing! You express our grief so well, in a place where grief is no foreigner.
Ohene-Akuffo said…
"... and malnourished hyenas pretend to mourn". HAHAHAHAAAAHA. You are good!! veeeeeery good!!

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