Thursday, 28 December 2006

Henry weds Priscilla

Covering weddings is a special thing. I was so moved by the experience of eternalizing this moment for the couple that, I decided to attach a poem of mine: The Hunter and the Tease".
I even wonder if they sit well together.

"The Hunter and the Tease"

My lover is a tease
A complex plot
A camouflage
A riddle I have vowed to solve

I hunt for you
your soul
your spirit
your body
your mind

I come to devour and save you
from yourself
your past
your nights

Passion has possessed me.
I blaze with longings
I crave you as a dancer does music
You are my mind's big subject
My never ending epic

I burn with the fire of a thousand loins.
Raise your head up and breathe me
I seek your soul to own
to love
to free.

Tell me what you answer to.
So I can crow or croak or roar or sing
to charm your will toward my den.

I will bait you a with a million sweet words
if need be.
I will woo you in a handsome mask
if you so wish.
Till I taste your salted blood in my veins
and we become one in life and death.

© Nana Kofi Acquah

I believe The Face is the gateway to The Soul.

Everyday of our lives should be a Celebration. Truth be told, we often miss the moments that matter most, but we occasionally get lucky and capture a bit of it through the photograph.
These photos, sometimes taken for a client, sometimes taken for a friend, sometimes taken of family, sometimes taken for fun or pain, are all together a celebration of a soul as it experiences the world through the window called LENS.

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