Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Salsa Negra

I am a Dance Voyeur and an ever-flunking-ever-enthusiastic
student of the art form. Fortunately, Gloria is a million times
better at it and Paakow is already showinggreat potential.
I took these photos tonight at the Salsa Negra Night at Le Bouquet,
Accra (it's on every tuesday night). If I ever get to dance half
as well as Shon (the instructor) does, I will kill a full grown bull
and throw the party of a lifetime for myself.
Chichinga lovers, please line up.

For all those haters who complain about Africans abandoning
their traditional dances and learning foreign ones, my only
question will be why don’t you start offering traditional dance
classes? You never know until you try.
Remember 2009, we have changed inside to move forward
(you must be Ghanaian and politically savvy to understand this last bit).

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