Monday, 19 September 2011

A Potion of Passion

The only thing that beats passion is wisdom. And by wisdom, I mean knowing exactly what is worth being passionate about and what isn’t. I’d rather you scream or cry or vent but don’t just be. Don’t just stand there and watch life pass you by especially if you know what to do. Live. Like. Today. Is. All. You. Have.

I’m sitting in a beautiful hotel room in Amsterdam as I write this. I just finished attending the first section of the Noordelicht Photography Masterclass… and after you’ve met some of the people I just met and heard some of the things they have to say, you come to certain conclusions:
1. Talent is not enough. If Talent is what it took, the Brazilians or the Argentinians would have won the most recent world cup. There’s nothing as exciting as meeting people who are passionately developing or exploring their God-given gifts. It’s just like watching a bird step out of a cage and spread out the wings.

2. Knowledge is not enough. Some of the most knowledgable people I’ve met, have also been some of the least progressive, even retrogressive individuals anyone can encounter. The main reason why knowledge is not enough is because, this world thrives on action. Church folk will tell you “Faith without works is dead”. If you know what to do, just do it.

And finally, I’d advise you hang out with passionate people, if you can’t find any, may be, you can start with cutting out negative people. The people who have a million reasons why it can’t be done. Or who understand all the challenges there on the way and so advise you to take it easy. Once you cut them off, you can see more clearly.

What we need to succeed is not OUT there. It is IN us. You need to block out all the noise and passionately follow where your heart leads you.


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