Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Touring Ghana with a Dutchman

Last Saturday and Sunday were 2 great days I got to spend with my Dutch friend Bertil.
Papee, my air-condition repair guy was graceful enough to offer to drive us all the way to the Wli falls.wli falls trip
We got caught up in crazy traffic at Atimpoku, where Bertil also tasted the smallest fish he’s ever eaten in his life: ONE MAN THOUSAND, as we famously call it in Ghana and of course, he had to have the aboloo too.
wli falls trip
We decided to hop out of the car and see what the problem was. We found out there was maintenance work going on on the bridge.Wli Falls Trip
Wli Falls Trip
These fishermen were oblivious to our plight. I hope they caught a lot of tilapia.Wli Falls Trip

We turned what should have been frustrating time into an exciting adventure. It’s amazing how many girls hit on Bertil. Wli Falls Trip
It was funny when this guy asked Bertil for his phone number and he being Dutch, looked the guy in the face and smilingly asked him what he wants it for since he’s not a girl. The brother was so shocked he just disappeared. Boy, did I laugh! That’s the tough dutchman drinking pure water.
Wli Falls Trip
How many of you know the writing on this vehicle is actually a quotation from the Bible?The Wli Falls Trip Bertil was shocked when I told him. It’s amazing how Dutch people have just generally stopped going to church and turned almost all their churches into nightclubs, musuems, offices etc. They should come and see Ghana, we are turning all our cinemas into churches. That where the money is now, I’m told;)

I must leave some things for my next post so just go ahead and enjoy these photos and remember, Ghana is a beautiful country with many lovely people; and we would love to have you over, if you’ve never been.The Wli Falls Trip

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