Monday, 9 February 2009

Bloggers Meeting at the Smoothies Bar, Osu

As I step out today

As I step out today...
Let gratitude grace my every word
and only blessings roll off my tongue.

Let my thoughts be just like a child’s
and my embraces warm cold hearts and hands.

As I step out today...
Let me not mistake black for blank
nor ever assume white is bright.

Let me not see colour before heart
nor gender and age before mind.

As I step out today...
Let me start the day afresh
appreciating the present it is.

Let me not fear what I can’t change
And let me fear what stops my change.

As I step out today...
Let me know what matters most
and help me give it the best of me.

Let me end wrong even when it favours me
And let me pursue right no matter where it hides...

As I step out today.

Nana Kofi Acquah © 2009

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