Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Colours and Choices (Images and thoughts from Bamako)

_DSF4736 I just hitchhiked my way into
And slapped my tired bum
On the soft leather seats
Of a locomotive train
That is going no where. _DSF4876 If I owned a Sushi-bar
I’d serve choice chameleon meat
So you can have lean viande
In any colour of your choice.

Some people can't see beyond colour.
_DSF4745 How does one tell a sick Puppeteer?
By looking at what the puppets do.
A bunch of malnourished hyenas
Will have been kinder to the dying Gardaffi. _DSF4917 I hear lots of young African migrants
Are busy donating their green cards to FIFA
But Blatter’s squad prefer red and yellow
If you insist on green, they prefer bills.
The saddest African faces aren’t the starving
In the East. They are the over-stressed in the West. _DSF4775 There’s a reason snails and turtles are slow:
They carry their troubles all by themselves.
The chameleon though, is slow for another reason:
He still doesn’t know who he really is. _DSF4815

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