Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I saw a pig with colourful wings... I think


I think wings will look weird on a pig
No matter how colourful you make them.

I think people never ever change
Until God or tragedy or a baby hits them.

I think the Chinese are on a mission
To plant a child named Chan in every African village.

I think the Americans prefer
their presidents slim and their children fat.

I think the Dutch are afraid of drowning someday,
That’s why they design their shoes like boats.

I think farmers and waiters and cleaners
Should earn more than actors and footballers.

I think true love is harder to find and keep
Than a black man in a black suit standing in the dark.

I think Bush means Hitler in German and Mugabe in Shona.

I think all young successful Africans should volunteer
As teachers in deprived schools one week, every year.

I think Europe and America highly prefer uneducated black people.

I think the people with the strongest opinions are the ones
Who know the least about any thing that really matters.

I think that's a photo of my daughter but only my wife can say for sure.

How Do You Uproot 500 Years of Racism?