Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Stop sucking your thumb and grow up

Stop sucking your thumb, pull it out of your mouth and grow up. No, I am not talking to my child. I am talking to all the full grown adults who only murmur and whine about water shortage, light outs, bad roads, bad services and the million other issues that plague developing countries like Ghana. Stop sucking your thumb, pull it out of your mouth and grow up.

Anytime you sit in a car, remember it was invented by someone who was tired of walking. Anytime you sit in an airplane, know the Wright brothers never caught a flight to nowhere in their entire lives. Anytime you turn your tap and water flows or trickles or the tap just hums a tune and gives you air, remember that tap was invented by somebody who got tired of going to the well or river bank or wherever they used to get their water from. Anytime you stretch out your hand and tap that switch on the wall, remember the guy who invented the light bulb tried countless times before succeeding. Anytime you complain about how dirty politics is or how corrupt the government is or how inefficient the police force is, remember in the countries where these systems work, they work because good, intelligent people decided to actively get involved in the system, not just watch and whine from the stands. That is life. Life rewards those who rise up and solve the problems that confront them. Life doesn’t reward anybody for whining.

It really is important to see the problems that plague us for the opportunities they are.  Yes. Every problem in life is an opportunity… but we need to change our attitudes before anything else can change. I remember the story of the two students who went to India together. One saw all the bare footed people and was filled with pity and moaned about how poor the people were and how pitiful their lives must be. He went back to college, got his degree and blended in with the insignificant masses. His friend, however, saw the problem for the opportunity it was, quit school and became a billionaire selling affordable rubber shoes to a shoeless culture. This is also the story of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Darko Farms, Kama, Amoabeng and a million others.What do you see? How do you see? 

Do you want to look again? 

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