Thursday, 1 July 2010

Back to beautiful women :)

There was a time when this blog was known for showcasing beautiful women. Now it's saturated with football imagery and until Ghana is kicked out or the World Cup is over, I can't promise that's gonna change soon but I can quickly sneak a couple of pretty photos in here. Have fun:
Photographer: Nana Kofi Acquah
Model and MUA: Corine
Studio: Frank Doorhof's Studio

Obama Exercise Books

I was on assignment in the Upper West Region of Ghana, photographing girls who have received bicycles to make it easier for them to ride to school. Prior to receiving the bikes, most of them had to walk not less than 7km every morning and back just to go to Junior Secondary School. It was so hectic for them that, the majority will just opt for early marriage and motherhood. It is an Action Aid project and the kind I will willingly support. Thousands more bicycles are needed.
Upper West Assignment

When I visited one of the schools, I noticed a photograph of Obama boldly printed on the covers of an exercise book that said "GHANA SCHOOLS EXERCISE BOOK". I doubt that whoever prints those books has permission from the White House and I'm sure they don't really care what the honorable man thinks. I can understand that for the children, Obama is such an inspiration and having a photo of him on the back of your book is more than enough motivation to learn but the fact still is... His permission is needed. Not long ago, the White House asked Outerwear Company to pull down the Weatherproof billboard that had Obama on it.
Upper West Assignment
Anyway, on my way back, I saw this beautiful scenery and I couldn't help but make a photo. Having lived in the Upper East for a year in 1996, I know how dry and brown it normally is up there. I wish it was always this green.
Upper West Assignment
You know I can't end my post without saying something about football. Nyani and I are planning where to photograph tomorrow. He wants to capture the emotions on people's faces as the match is being played. I'd like to make a video. Does anybody know a place that gets crammed during soccer matches but is also lit quite well enough for us to work without popping flash in people's faces?

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