Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A little Fisherboy from Elmina

Catch of the dayWhen I was just a little boy,
I asked my grandma what will I be?
Will I go fishing?
Will I be fished?

And this is what she said to me:

Fisher man’s son, whatever will be will be.
The future is not mine to see, so go back to your books.

Well, that was not the advise I was expecting. I so wanted to become a fisherman. I tried every trick in the book to skip school but my dear grandma always had one up me:

Some mornings, the police man will be chasing me so I’ll run to school crying. Boy, was I scared of the police? At the sight of anything in uniform, I will take to my heels, definitely school bound. Forget the lunch box. Forget breakfast. It was only after I grew up I discovered they were just her customers coming for tots of apeteshie (local spirit).

Other mornings, I will run and hide in a canoe at the beach… but they always found me after some hunting. Normally the story ends with some grinded hot pepper and ginger in my backside.

Obviously, I didn’t get to become a fisherman but the love for the sea and fisherfolk couldn’t be beaten out of me. Water excites me. I can watch fisherfolk at work all day. I can still speak a bit like them (the Elmina and Accra ones).

It doesn’t matter what I have become, I know I will always remain a simple fisherboy from Elmina.

Song is an adaption of “Que sera sera” by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

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