Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Happiest Losers Ever (Ghana vs Germany) Celebrations

Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)Soccer fans Representing almost every country of the world gathered together at EPOS in Osu to watch the game on three big screens and a tv
Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)Here is one of the guys at EPOS setting the last one up
Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)In spite of the noisy vuvuzelas and drumming. Most Ghanaians were very very tense and anxious... and for good reason.Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)For some people, it was a beer gulping galoreGhana Vs Germany (Accra fans)New Vuvuzela inventions were also launched
Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)And as usual, we had to end up on Osu Oxford Street:
Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)And Nyani was there live with me doing his own thing :) Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)And Celebration in Ghana without a few ass shaking and "bumper to bumper" isn't celebration:Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)Ghana Vs Germany (Accra fans)

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