Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Captured at work.

These three girls interrupted our conversation and asked if either of us could make a photo of them. Michael quickly grabbed a couple of shots of me as I photographed them with their cameras. Now... to the main point of this blog:

I have this habit of jumping into projects without paying attention to the fine prints, intent of use etc.
After all, we are in Ghana. It is “Live and Let Live”. It is “Onipa nua ne nipa”. It is “the left hand baths the right hand and vice versa”. I’m still a sucker for some of these traditional ideologies but there comes a time when a man must do what he knows is the right, professional and ethical thing to do.

I was nicely reminded recently of this ancient truth: “People Change”. It just hurts when they change for the worse. As they say, the easiest way to destroy a fool is to promote them.

I guess all I’m saying is, if I ask you to sign a model release or a terms of contract or a memoranda of understanding or some such document before a project commences, it is not because I don’t trust you; but because it is not what we know that matters, it is what we do.

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