Monday, 22 October 2012

Don't miss too much on your way

Camera: Fuji X100
Life is a journey. We all know that. What most of us never stop to think about is how we want to travel that journey. I meet a lot of people who want to fly. They want to soar with the eagles. They want to be up there with the gods and to reach there quickly. So they choose to travel  in a jet or in a rocket. Finally they get there and then they realise they missed the essence of the journey itself. They have no memories of how their children grew. They can't explain exactly how their love-life fell apart. They are up there, they have everything but they have few fun memories and very little happiness.

My question is, what if we decide to walk? Yes, it's slow. It's old. It will take us forever to reach up there; that is if we are even lucky enough to make it. But trust me, We will miss very little along the way.

Life is a journey. It is the journey that matters. Destinations are overrated. Live. Laugh. Engage. Miss Little.

Have a great week.

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