Thursday, 31 October 2013

Because True Love is Hard to Find…

“Marriage is what smart boys and girls stay away from at all cost… Marriage is boring… Marriage is imprisonment… Marriage is death….” You can continue the list of negative things you’ve heard about marriage here…  

 “Love is Death” is an expression of endearment in Akan.  Paradoxical yet holds so much truth. If you’ve never felt like dying for or because of someone, you’ve never really known Love. Don’t let soap operas and love songs deceive you. Most people today, even some grown folk, don’t know Love. 

The problem with not knowing Love is, you can’t tell when s/he passes by, gives you a hug, blows you a kiss, offers you a hand or even perches on your couch from morning till evening, everyday till you’re bored with them. 

The problem with not knowing Love is, you can easily mistake a fat pay check, quick hot sex, expensive gifts, common interests, hobbies,  attention, infatuation and generosity for it.

Love is a lot of things, yes… but one thing love is not, is sex. Sex is a sub-set of Love; and therefore doesn’t do very well on its own.  It is the conversations after the orgasms,  the attention… the remembering. It’s the honouring of covenant and being there to raise the children or dream together,  earning your wrinkles together, greying together, finding your path together and walking it faithfully with wobbly feet and much laughter till you both drop.

 I love Love. Love gives meaning to even the most mundane of things and experiences. The nicest movie is made all the more nicer when you watch it with the one person you Love the most. Love is the queen of all spices and Life’s most important ingredient.

Love is Life’s most honest mirror; and always the best reason to try again and again. Love is everywhere and yet Love is so scarce.
So if you find Love, stop searching. If you’ve found Love, don’t let them go. If you haven’t found Love, remember you may be hurt a million times as you search but once you find Love, it will be a billion times worth more than every tear you ever shed.

(The photos are a celebration of the wedding of Francis and Rhoda, my favourite couple) at Kokrobite,  where all the fun happens). 

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