Friday, 22 July 2011

Bone Breakers

It might be true that hardwork breaks no bones, but sometimes, it really does come close.
Everyday is Market Day 1
Recently, in our blogosphere, I was challenged to re-look at my photography and ask myself “Do I deliberately fish out only the positive to portray about Ghana and Africa?” It’s a question I’ve been thinking hard about:
Everyday is Market Day 2
I made these photographs a couple of days ago. I followed my wife to this market and everybody was buzzing like a bee.
Everyday is Market Day 3
Sometime last year, I was supposed to make a portraits of two successful Ghanaians for the Financial Times. Their office is very close to this market. I wanted to use the early morning light so I told them I will arrive at 6am. Now, please understand that I’m rather slow in the mornings so for me, 6am was an amazing feat. I was shocked to get stuck in traffic at that time and if that was not surprising enough, I saw people hopping out of “trotros” and taxis and rushing towards the market. A few of them nearly knocked me over. On that day, it dawned on me how hard working Ghanaians are.
Everyday is Market Day 4
The average Ghanaian wakes up at 4am. Yes, 4:00 AM to sweep the house, clean, cook bath and feed the children before going to work. Now, the question is, if they’re that hardworking, why are they poor?
Everyday is Market Day 5
Well… I’ll leave that to the experts to answer.
Everyday is Market Day 6
Bon Weekend!

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