Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The brother who rapes is still a rapist

Rape is not ok
I am ashamed of all my fellow Africans who keep pretending it was okay for Gbagbo to hang on to power. For me, forcing oneself one a country that doesn't want you is no different from forcing oneself on a girl who doesn't want you. It is rape. Rape of any form is horrible, disgusting and totally unacceptable.

The people who are busy defending Gbagbo because he's African and busily accusing the French just plain right have no shame. They are no different from the mother who silences the daughter because it will be embarrassing to the family if the world gets to know her husband rapes his own daughter. Just because Gbagbo is family means nothing if he will not live and abide by the values we all claim to hold dear (or do we have no values?). I will call a stranger who values and reciprocates my respect for him a brother any day than share a roof with my father's son who despises me and treats me like trash.

If someone asks you to tell them how old you are, you don't show them your pubic hair. You show them your wisdom. Every fool grows pubic hair with time but age doesn't necessarily make one wiser. If Africa wants to show the world that we have come of age, then we must live it. Nepotism and tribal politics is not how strong nations are built. I may not like the French but my hatred for all these "aristocratic", tribalistic, politically favored, shallow minded, myopic African leaders far outweighs my disgust for the imperialists.

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