Thursday, 28 March 2013

Life is like a Market Place

Yours sincerely won the Best Photography Blog last Saturday at Blogcamp13 in Accra. It was a humbling experience. Thank you for your votes and support over the years. I have decided to respond more actively to conversations and comments on this blog. Let’s see if we can make it come alive more. I will need your help to make this work :)

Today, I want to share two colourful photographs with you :). Yes, I am back to my colourful self. The first one is of the band OY. Lovely band. It was really a pleasure meeting and photographing them… but what even excited me more is one of their songs “Life is like a market place”.  It was what inspired this photo shoot. How I wish we all will always remember that life is like a market place, you come, you look, you chat, you buy, you go and another person comes, looks, chats, buys and goes. Nobody stays in the market place forever.

The other photograph, is one that captures a very vivid memory of my childhood. Fishing today is not as lucrative as it used to be, thus endangering the whole culture and local people who survive around this business.  Because our politicians are deep in the pockets of the Chinese, they’ve turned a blind eye (occasionally barking to deceive us) as the Chinese freely pair-trawl and fish illegally in our waters, damage our environment through unsafe, illegal mining practices and even retail in our markets.

I hope our leaders (and all of us, actually) will never forget that Life is really like a market place… and finally when we get home, they will ask us “So what did you bring from the market?” 

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