Monday, 26 July 2010

What is Beauty to you?

I thought we could start this week with something interesting. Felivian, the model in the first picture is one I enjoy photographing. She fits a textbook definition of what a beautiful model should look like.
But just like fashion, music and life in general, trends and definitions change. In some cases, the definitions are pretty ancient but not necessarily obsolete. I photographed these two ladies in Yamasoukrom. I think they are very beautiful too.
beautiesBut even beyond the physical/ visual definitions of beauty, I know that true beauty is an inner thing. The women who have made the most impressions on me have not always been physically gorgeous but I bet every single one of them had beamed with so much dignity, intelligence, charm, wit and an undeniable appetite for life and laughter. That... to me, is beauty.
What is your definition of beauty?

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