Accra caught in a storm

Yesterday, Accra was caught in a scary storm.

I live close to Korle Bu Teaching hospital, and according to Gloria who was at home at the time, the sirens never stopped echoing through our neighborhood for several hours; even after the rains had stopped. 

Earlier in the day, I had managed to pull my Malaria-beaten body to teach a photography class with Steven Adusei at the African Regent Hotel. Mawuli, my partner in crime joined me shortly before my session ended and I hopped into his car to finish up a business at Airport Hills. What was planned to be a thirty minutes rendezvous turned into more than three hours.

When there’s a storm or rain or soccer in Accra, everything stops. The problem is, yesterday’s was no small storm. It was as if Wind and Air had gotten into a fight over a girl. It was scary.

Roofing sheets chased people. I witnessed the force of the wind twist the ankle of gigantic billboards till they bowed in total submission or just simply uprooted them like cassava.

I don’t know how many people have died. I don’t know how many homes lost their roofs. I don’t know if any of these hawkers will ever find their wares they lost to the storm.

The prettiest umbrella is still useless in  a tropical storm.

If you’re in Accra and it’s about to rain, just stay indoors. It’s the safest, wisest thing to do; unless of course, you’re a photographer or a CocaCola vendor.


Anonymous said…
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... really creative:)
It says it all. Good job.
Nii Odzenma said…
well timed photos to document the moment.
Anonymous said…
good wk dan
Unknown said…
It's hard to say nice pics...considering how much damage was done. I suffered some damage my self; a couple of roofs were ripped off our house...and my did I get a good view from the top of the hill at Gbawe...we saw the mixture of sand and debris up high above Accra heading towards was scary! and the lights went as the wind came; it was a long night....
Sy said…
these are amazing

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