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It is 12:26 AM and quite a good time to give you something to think about for this week.
For every idea that succeeds, do you know how many fail or get shelved… probably to never again see the light of day? Well, in my kind of business, the answer is LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS.

I’ve decided to share with you two images from a campaign I shot for a client that never took off. It probably might someday but I doubt it. To succeed in the creative world, one quickly learns that good ideas are pretty useless in their own right. It takes a whole lot more to make them come alive.
Ideathopia Series
I’ve met too many people who are stuck with one idea they got in 1669 or some other prehistoric era and they can’t seem to shake it out of their heads. If your idea is really that great, then please… get busy with it. Start making it a reality… otherwise, move on.

I’m tired of hearing people talk about having some idea or initiating something and then just when they were about to break big… an investor bailed out or there was the credit crunch or the MD died or the guy married someone else or the girl eloped or they fell sick. The Blame Game won’t take you anywhere. Take responsibility for your dreams and work them. Only you can work them. The Akans say: "No one can take medicine on behalf of a sick person".

The reason why the world celebrates the Bill Gates, Mandelas, Mother Teresas, Ghandis and Martin Luther King Juniors is not because their ideas never got challenged or nobody ever let them down. The world celebrates them because they were totally committed to their ideas and were willing to die (if that's what is was going to take) to see them come true. They didn’t just day dream or blame someone else for not making it work out.
What price are you willing to pay to realize your dream?
Ideathopia Series
Have a great week.


Anonymous said…
Great Piece. Lots of truth.
Anonymous said…
Hard hitting truth!
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing. It is one of the many kicks that helps me keep pushing.

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