Independence Day Celebration in Pictures

Today, this great country turned 54. In country years, it is still a young one. My dreams for this country are big. It is the only one I know and can call my own. May this flag ever fly high.
54th Independence day celebration
Our president disappointed me with his famous "mind your own business" statement. He forgot what our first president said: "The Independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked up to the total liberation of Africa" - Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (6th March,1957). For a moment, I felt like we have stepped back in time. Ivory Coast's crisis is our crisis... and we must become part of the solution and not the problem. Ghana's aloofness is a sin of omission. No, I don't think war is the solution.
54th Independence day celebration
This NDC fanatic waved his flag so hard, the wind ripped it. You can see part of it in the sky. In deed, "Ghana shall not die". I think Akuffo Addo must apologize for his immature "all die be die" rant. No one's going to die for him to become president. Now, the boring NDC have somewhere unnecessary to channel their energy. Just because Ghana isn't dying doesn't mean she's doing great. The teachers will get you guys :)
54th Independence day celebration
It was nice watching these guys march in their uniforms and white gloves. I wonder who got the contract to make all those uniforms for all of them? Next time, I'd want to supply them with those white gloves they wear. I'm sure the budget was huge. The white semi-circular blur you see is actually gloves.54th Independence day celebration
This is one of the many groups who came to perform. They did a harvest dance from the Volta Region. The girls all put pillows in their butt to make it bigger for the dance. I thought it was indecent to show you those pictures. But are Ghanaian men that crazy about big butts? Don't they consider them as impediments? Anyway, I deviate. But don't you think, by letting these girls put pillows in their pants to exaggerate the sizes of their butts, we are telling them "Big Butt Good, Small Butt Bad?"
54th Independence day celebration
Before you feel pity for the poor kid on the stretcher, I will show you a trick from back in the day. Whenever you get hungry at these national events, just fake a faint and the red cross will give you free glucose and milk and sometimes, you even get a full meal. So now you know the trick :)
54th Independence day celebration
Obviously, not everybody was keen on watching Uncle Atta perform. The bored put up their own show. These boys have skills. Nobody my generation, who grew up in Ghana knows how to skate. As far as we are concerned, skating is white people's game.
54th Independence day celebration
Somebody somewhere in Accra has got the Gucci dealership. If you need high quality Gucci sandals for the price of peanuts, you know who to call dontcha?54th Independence day celebration
Ghanaians often put Nkrumah and Bob Marley on the same page. I'm yet to decide if they go together. Do you think they do?
54th Independence day celebration
Well, I couldn't hang around for very long as I had to go to church. I wonder if my fellow pressmen got their "soli". Please, don't ask me what that means. This final image has nothing to do with pressmen.
54th Independence day celebration
I wish you all the best and do have a great week :)


Fiona Leonard said…
Nice series NK, it's good to see not all of Ghana's photographers were slacking off at the beach today!

Lots of food for thought there - big butts, Bob Marley, merchandising.

I think if Bob Marley had been President in Ghana there would have been a lot less marketing, lots more women with butts of all sizes and far more partying.

Happy Independence Day.
Taz said…
Great photos! I love the ones of the Ghana flags against the clear, cloudless blue sky. Congratulations to you and the people of Ghana... I pray that one day I get the chance to visit your beautiful country. Keep blogging!
Anonymous said…
Love the pictures and commentary. I was wondering, your pictures have 2010 0n them and we're in 2011, is there a special reason for this or its an error on your part.

God bless Ghana. God bless us all both at home and abroad.
Anonymous said…
Dear - big butts...heeheee...think I'll start stuffing mine with a pillow oh...Right before I left Accra was seeing a group of skaters and a class of young skaters. I was so happy as it was my passion in my 20s - outdoor skating. It is thrilling and I had many crashes. I think I need some classes from you to take me from my old school to your new school. Oh - and a new camera. Let's talk! Renee
leyem said…
Congratulations Ghana! But I agree with you NKA, our presidents can't sit passively and be happy that their countries are not experiencing what Cote d'Ivoire is experiencing. We need to help our sisters and brothers and not wait for the West to do it for us.

Beautiful pics of Ghana! I loved it when I visited.
Anonymous said…
Great photos!! Although the comment on the young girls with the pillows - it's fine! It's culture and I don't think they look into so much detail about the meaning. Big butt or small small they all add the pillows cos its the adding of the pillow that adds the humour and expresses our culture.

It's great to see the next generation observing Independence day so fervently whether it's dancing, skating or fake fainting haha!
@ Fiona, Actually... slacking off at the beach is every Ghanaian photographers' favourite past-time... well, except the Ashanti ones like Steve and Bobbie. They still think the sea is boiling water.

@ Taz, you are always welcome to this beautiful country. Be ready to not want to leave :)

@ Marian, some of us have been slow in catching up to 2011. It's definitely my fault and happy new year to you :)

@ Renee, please do make some time for me when next you're in Ghana, and sorry you got robbed three times.

@ Leyem, I agree. Self-centredness is not how great countries are made... but also if the Ivorians can unite... a lot can happen.
Edward said…
Nanah. Everytime am checking your blog, i am so jealous. Jealous in a fact that this blog challenges me. This blog inspires me. This blog opens and widens my curiosity.

I've circulated the link among my workmates and wow, the reception is amazing. They keep asking me later, "whats the link to that Ghanaian photographer again?
Amma Mama said…
LOL at this post, your commentary is hilarious.

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