That Lucy

That Lucy…
The very Lucy who left you
Is the same one I love
And see in my every move.

That Lucy…
Who swims with sharks
And dances like the wind
Has captured all my mind.

When a nightmare ends
with rainbow and sunshine
Does that make it a dream
Or a reason to pour a tot?

That Lucy…
She clipped my wings with a kiss
And lassoed me in with a touch
And I grin sheepishly…

Waiting for death or for pleasure
Either is painful with Lucy.
That Lucy…
Knows how to give me roargasms
But there is no love to feel.

I will redeem you Lucy!
Give you back your soul
And laughter that Bad Fate
Stole from you on helpless days
in your own parents’ bedroom.

That Lucy…
She’s mine. My Lucy to Love.
That Lucy...


Anonymous said…
Speaks volumes!

Happy New Year.
Chica Le Random said…
Oh I love this piece...

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