The Pigs Must Hide

The Pigs must hide

La Cote D’Ivoire
I know you’re proud
and rich and blessed
and wise and strong
and very very beautiful.

La Cote D’Ivoire
you are Africa’s
shiny, expensive pearl
that just landed
in the lap of a pig.


Anonymous said…
Yes, pearls before swines.. it appears that the lion might be retreating, but watch the mane. It has become part of the landscape.
Kwame Pocho said…
@ Anonymous, watching the hooves, that looks like a pig...I'm almost certain it's a pig. Which in itself is symbolic: "A Pig in Lion's clothing..."
I love this piece to bits
Anonymous said…
@ Kwame, yes,definitely. Your eyes are clear. Perhaps the lion and the pig are one?
@Nana, Absolutely!

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