London Exhibition with Oxford and Beaumont Solicitors

exhibition London
When I go silent, just start praying for me because it most probably means I'm, as usual, biting more than I can chew.
I spent one week in Tamale and Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana making pictures for the African Women Development Fund and then I had to leave for London just two days after that for an exhibition at the London Law Society.

Oxford and Beaumont Solicitors just opened a London office and decided to grace the opening ceremony with an exhibition of some of my work. The coolest part is, part of the money from sales will go to support the Akua Kuenyehia Foundation, which directly handpicks intelligent but needy girls and supports them through school.

I am in Amsterdam at the moment. Tomorrow, another session at the Dutch Third Chamber (De Derde Kamer) begins. This year my group and I are working on a motion that will focus on quality girls' education in fragile states. Wish us luck.

I also just received exciting email from Maarten Koets of the World Press Photo . It seems the month of struggle in Angola is paying off nicely... "As there is quite a lot happening with and around the Year of the Planet exhibition I thought it was important to give you an update. As you know it opened in Lisbon last November. It is currently touring Angola (5 cities) where BESA is cooperating with the Ministry of Education to develop lesson materials and attract schoolchildren to the exhibition. Moreover BESA has arranged for the exhibition to be shown at the UN headquarters in New York in May. There are also plans to show the exhibition and the UNESCO headquarters in Paris in September. For these exhibitions BESA has asked World Press Photo to make a book which should be ready by early May. We will make sure that each of you receives 10 copies for your personal use. Rebecca Simons (cc) might be contacting you about this if we need some additional information".

Thanks Maarten for the good news. I also want to thank all of you who read my blog. Some of you pray for me, some of you get me business and some of you plain right just show me love. What can I do without you? :)

If there is any consolation, I think I will get to spend part of Val's day back home with my wife and children.


Nana said…
So you took your camera after all :) Happy travels, you're missed at home
Your success is no surprise. You do good work.
Praying for ya too.
Thanks Mike and I think I know a few organizations we should add to your hall of shame

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