My MTN Ghana blues. An update:

I went to the Osu office of MTN again today. I was pleasantly surprised by the empathy and support I received from Edem Selormey. WoW what a phenomenal woman! She totally understood my complaints, quickly admitted it is a problem they must get into and immediately promised to reconnect my line and treat it as an "exemption" till the investigation is done.

That was 7 hours ago. My line is still disconnected but at least, she made me feel like I'm not a fool for being their customer for ten years.

Honestly, if there was a way I could move my MTN number to another network, I will do it with such speed and glee but I hear some people in the telecommunication industry in Ghana are making sure it never happens.

If MTN ever decides it has too much dead weight and would like to lay a few people off, they should just give me a call. I can give them a few names. Of course, if they want to promote the few smart and hardworking ones, I can also give them names.

Fortunately, I have been able to constantly control my temper anytime I have been in their office. A friend once wrote on facebook that "never argue with a fool because first, they will reduce you to their level and then beat you with experience". Considering the quality of service I'm receiving, I can postulate that some of those guys at MTN have been blasted by customers so often that now they have a lot of experience in dealing with naggers. I don't want them to reduce me to their level and beat me with experience so I will just sit and wait. How for do?


Teddy said…
Chale, how for do indeed. Well, what you could do is open a blog page and get all the customers who have had bad service to write their experiences there. Or use Twitter or something like that. Once the numbers hit high figures, that might move MTN. And if it still doesn't, then there is no hope for that company at all. Something like;).
MTN .. farcical!! will they ever change their continually degrading service to their ever growing customer base? yet to be seen .. Vodafone is frankly is much better experience .. perhaps get ano0ther line and inform your clients as such .. annoying but @ least they'll have a second number on which they can reach you

happy new year
Anonymous said…
After forty minutes there, I walked out with the same problems and full knowledge about, Sister Serwah and Akua's boring weekend. I fixed my own problem after Sister Serwah told me it was irreparable.

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