love come and goes and comes to stay



Yes. Yes. Let love trickle.
Down. Up. Down. Slowly. Love.
Comes in trickles and fades and splashes
And comes like a trick.

You are full of tricks.

Stop poking with your long red nails.
Don’t! That’s my blood on your nails.
My pain turns you on and turns me off.
Hey, you have come and gone.

You think I’m just another ugly frog
You must kiss on your way to meet the prince.
Wrong. I AM the Prince. Prince Pauper.
Yes. But.
Still Prince Proper.

Dry rose petals pellet poor prince’s pride.

Summer springs! It’s sounds smooch me.
I leave my heart ajar. Again. Ajar.

I see a jar. Earthen. Beautiful browns.
Jar and skin excellently split by the
blackness of your beautifully braided hair.

Eros is your gardener and his mother your maid.
You are hotter than fire.
You sizzle me with fire from your hips.
Water. I crave water after the fire…

Rains of wisdom pour out from your lips.
I kiss your lips and worship your words.
I touch your breast and obey your heart.
You are worth more to me than Solomon’s thousand.

Life will still go up and down and up and down
And up and down and up and down but Love.

Love has come to stay… and stay.
Nana Kofi Acquah © 2009


Juanita said…
*Wolf Whistle* some hot! :)
Miss momo said…
Beautiful..........yeah, n the gal too!

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