Have a healthy healthy Christmas

Have a healthy Christmas

I'm used to children crying when they receive injections but I still can't understand why some grown ups are soooooo afraid of injections. I remember seeing a full grown woman crying hysterically and begging the nurse "please don't inject my buttocks. Inject my thigh! O please don't inject me. O maaaamieeeee!" It was hilarious. It's ok to let me know if you fear injections. I won't tease you with it :)

But more importantly, no matter how you think this year has been for you, please make sure you enjoy this Christmas by every means possible. Have a merry Christmas :)

The child in the photograph was vaccinated as part of an outreach programme in Caxito, Angola.


Anonymous said…
I admit, I have a fear of injections. I put off getting a shot for WEEKS. I had to mentally prepare myself before I got the shot, and right before I was actually injected, my heart started beating really fast, I started sweating...the works. I even thought about making a mad dash for the exit but I didnt want the nurse or the people in the room to think I was crazy/laugh at me. So I closed my eyes, took deep breaths and took it like the woman I am ;)

I think it depends on the person giving the shot, some people DO NOT know how to give a shot!

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