Our Marriage at Four

No wonder together,
we have four arms,
four legs, four eyes,
four lips, four ears.
Wow. I don’t want to even
imagine what we can do
with sixteen fingers
and four thumbs.

I had a silly idea of
something we could do
to each other as we
celebrate our fourth.
But there is this son we now have.

Well, let’s pretend we’re still in charge.

There are some silly jokes
men make about how boring
it is must be to go
down the same path every day.
Just thinking of not going
down this road any day makes
me turkey. Brrrrrrr.

And finally my wife
before you think the fine
young man you married has
degenerated into a buffoon,
Please remember always

that whatever makes you happy
makes me happy
and whatever worries you
worries me too.

I am amazed to say
we are four today.


Yngvild said…
Wow. That was beautiful.
Anonymous said…
I loved this poem! Coming up on 22, with my husband, and this was delightful to read.

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