Too much information?

One of the things I learnt in my copywriting days is how much just a few words can actually say.

The sign in this picture reads Elizabeth and Andy fell in love, probably married and also became business partners. As is common in love and business, they hit the rocks but couldn't recover so they went their separate ways... and one of them opened a new chapter, leaving Liz-Andy behind them.

This is what I read. What do you read?Too much information?


Nana said…
I read that the couple to the far right of the picture will also fall out of love one day. Who? Me? Cynical? Never that :)
May be you are just a clairvoyant :)
Your analysis couldn't be closer to the truth! :) Keep up the good work. (I saw your work in Time Out Accra magazine).
Unknown said…
You are too analytical. What at all made, you take that shot...? The same idead came into mind, just after looking it the photo over-and-over again. Are the numbers for each parties (Liz & Andy)..?? Just curious, though..!!!

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