Wednesday, 2 November 2016

No Water, No Road, No Toilet, No Vote!

It's election season again in Ghana, and as I cycled through Langma, I noticed glossy political posters making shiny promises pasted all around this poor community.

Langma is the quieter sister of Kokrobite. It has a number of really lovely holiday resorts and attracts a lot of tourism; and that is the Langma I was used to, until I decided to pay attention.  

I saw some young people carrying water on their heads or wearing their empty basins like scarves. I asked them where they get their water from, and they introduced me to Awusavi- a pond of murky brown water. 

Awusavi is the ONLY water the people of Langma have. The only water source.

I asked Hannah if she will be voting this year. She replied: "This year, no water, no road, no toilet, no vote".


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