Don't miss too much on your way

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Life is a journey. We all know that. What most of us never stop to think about is how we want to travel that journey. I meet a lot of people who want to fly. They want to soar with the eagles. They want to be up there with the gods and to reach there quickly. So they choose to travel  in a jet or in a rocket. Finally they get there and then they realise they missed the essence of the journey itself. They have no memories of how their children grew. They can't explain exactly how their love-life fell apart. They are up there, they have everything but they have few fun memories and very little happiness.

My question is, what if we decide to walk? Yes, it's slow. It's old. It will take us forever to reach up there; that is if we are even lucky enough to make it. But trust me, We will miss very little along the way.

Life is a journey. It is the journey that matters. Destinations are overrated. Live. Laugh. Engage. Miss Little.

Have a great week.


. said…
Inspiring. Thanks for putting this up.
Anonymous said…
Love it!
Deep Lesson
You are right NKA. We are living in a "fast track" world. And every body is willing to show off what they have got. But inside of each one of us there is this emptiness and vanity in our lives.

It's all because we have chosen to ignore the little things that make life worth living. The love, care, attention, support, laughs, good times etc have all been put behind.

We are rather aiming for material wealth and other things that do not really mean anything after acquiring them.

It's about time we slowed down and enjoyed the "present" or gift of life on a daily and hourly basis.

Thanks Bro.
You are right NKA. We are living in a fast track world now. The competition for financial and material success is very rife. In the process we have forgotten that the little things such as saying hello to a neighbour, enjoying good quality time with our families (even if we don't have enough money), visiting our old friends and connecting with God have all be put aside.

We must enjoy each others company and support whilst we are living this short life. Its good for our health and growth.
Naa The Blogger said…
As we walk, just remember to keep your head up, eyes looking ahead, shoulders back and bottom in. This reduces the risk of falling
SocialDela said…
Your daughter is looking lovely. Society has made everything in life a race. Who can get there quicker, who can have the most?
We need to take it slowly, patience matters

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