Luck is not that consistent

Salamatu Seidu is the midwife and In-Charge at Fufulso CHPS- 
Last Sunday, I got into a conversation with a friend who'd just gotten married. For his wedding day he's prayed for a sunny day in the heart of winter. Everybody around him laughed. They showed him the weather forecast and sneered. The had to eat their words, as they watched the sun shrine throughout his special day. He had other fantastic stories of faith and divine provision and he finally ended with these words: "That must be God's blessings- luck can't be that consistent".

Not everybody in my life has the sun shining right where and when they want it. In fact, some are going through the darkest nights of their lives. I have watched friends bury their spouses, battle disease, fight to stay sane, bury parents, survive affairs, survive accidents, fight for justice and the list goes on. In fact today, I am headed to Takoradi to join a bosom friend bury his dear mother; one of the most loving people to ever walk the earth; and another one just showed me his new baby via whatsapp.

I see light- brightest light everyday. I also see night- pitch black and scary. And everyday, one gives way to the other. Night becomes day and day becomes night. 

I believe life is like a well-crafted book with a complex plot, full of rising and falling action and unbearable suspense. Unfortunately, most people give up way before the book is over.  The end if before it gets to the end. Get to the end. It all makes sense after it's done and you turn the tapestry.  That's when we see where all those strands and colours were leading to.


Molara Brown said…
Great words...the days are dark nowadays but the rays of sunshine makes the journey worth it.

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