The man who hated his mirror

[In this photo, boy surfs with a plank of old wood. Kokrobite, Accra, Ghana #Sonya7r #sonyzeiss1635]

There was a man who didn’t like how he looked so he changed his mirror.  He didn’t like how he looked in the new one too so he shattered it with his fist, and bought another mirror. The new mirror also didn’t make him look good so he threw it out the window and finally concluded that mirrors don’t like him so he was never going to buy a mirror again.

Some people break their mirrors if they don’t like what they’re seeing. Others settle for photoshop, content to live a lie.
What wise people do is,  they accept what they can’t change, and change what they can.  

In summary, all I am saying is, if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, change you! Not the mirror.


Vidya said…
Nice interesting professional photography…I also wrote a similar blog in this topic here

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