Remember Me This Way- Kofi Awoonor's final wish

What? Is that really her calling? Is she even in the country?

I picked up the call to hear Akua's warm voice. Not as warm as on normal days, but warm enough to assure me that not all is lost. Who in town didn't know about Efo Kofi's unfortunate end in Kenya?

We talked like old friends always do; and after we caught up on everything that needed catching up on,   she let me know her reason for calling: This photo of Efo Awoonor, which I took at her wedding ceremony, was so loved by the Professor that he'd had it printed large and framed in his house. She also let me know that one of his final wishes was that it will be his official photograph when he joins the ancestors. 

It was a humbling call. I have had the privilege of photographing some of the icons of our nation. I wasn't born in Nkrumah's days but at least, I took what as far as I know, is the last real portrait of Kofi Ghanaba, the Divine Drummer, Professor Joe Nkrumah and  my portrait of Ama Ata Aidoo (our sweet mum) graces the cover of the book that celebrates her 70th birthday.

On the fateful day that I made Efo Kofi's photograph, he specifically requested that I make a portrait of him. He liked how he looked, and he was in his elements... so full of life and humour. I did a candid, not a real portrait but I hear he loved it all the same.

And the more I look at this photograph, the more I realise why he chose it to be the photograph he's remembered by.  It is not a victim I see in that photograph, I see a strong, fulfilled voice, who speaks strongly, even in death.


Dan said…
So sad to hear of this loss. I did a sketch of him using this wonderful picture:

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