Love is Ripe: Frañ and Rho's Pre-Engagement Photoshoot

Francis and Rhoda are family. Francis is my Photographer Assistant and Rhoda moonlights as my Personal Assistant occasionally when I can afford her but even bigger than that, “Uncle Francis” and “Aunty Rhoda” are my children’s favourite people and my wife’s accomplices when I am not watching.

No they didn’t meet on the job working for me. They walked into my life holding each other’s hands already and told me: “Buy one get one free” even though they ended up charging me double for the price of one.  

I met Rhoda years before I met Francis. She was a model when I was shooting for Zain’s (now Airtel) maiden campaign “What’s your number?” in Ghana. I should dig up one of those and post some one of these days.

As you all know, a lot has been happening at our humble studio in Osu. First, Daniel Arthur got married to Kristi and now they live in Seattle. It was my dream to shoot Daniel’s wedding. 

That guy had stuck with me for years. We’ve climbed mountains, crossed (as in like, literally walked through) crocodile-infested waters, flown on some reluctant and dizzy airplanes, traveled many a lonely road, slept in dingy places… and I couldn’t make it to his wedding. I couldn’t shoot his wedding. That sucked. 

I guess this is my way of making up to Daniel; and also thanking Francis and Rhoda for being the wonderful persons they are.  Daniel, you will always be one of us and your space is always available to you. 
Frañ and Rho, you guys are filling some big, ugly, dirty shoes :)

I really wish Frañ and Rho  a wonderful life together through all of life’s seasons. 

There is nothing like love, when it is ripe.


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