Fake Flowers, Fake Life and Other Matters

Today, I saw a man selling fake flowers on the dilapidated Benya Bridge in Elmina. A young woman had a place in her room for some of those plastic, made in China flowers, but not enough money to buy them. She walked on and the flower man looked away. 
Life here is simple: "If you can't pay, don't buy". I know a few economies and countries that can make do with this most basic principle of life. Living a life you can't afford is a fake life. Simple.

Don't bite more than you can chew. Cut your cloth according to your size. You don't reap before you sow. You sow before you reap. Common sense. No?
Yes, yes, I know in Nigeria they say "If you are going to eat a frog, eat a fat and juicy one" but you must also know that nobody expects you to eat a frog in Nigeria. In China, possibly but in Nigeria, tufiakwa!

Let's move on before some you start hating me. How about some hiphop meets kpanlogo?
Yesterday, I was at Alliance Francaise in Accra with Peter Vlam. The last time I was in Alliance Francais was over two years ago, I couldn’t recognise the spirit and vibe of the place. Kudos to the French. 
What you are guys are doing with our youth, arts and culture is amazing. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.


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