Thank You (A posture, a poem)

Thank You

We could wait for the days of laughter 
When our souls are lit on fire
And all our prayers are answered
And we have not a single sickness
To say thank you.

We could wait for bounty harvest
When our flocks and stocks overflow
And all our enemies are ashamed
As we celebrate  with thousands of friends
To say thank you.

We could wait for our coming ascension
When we wear our sparkling crowns
And dance on those streets of pure gold
And sing and shout with joyous voices
And say thank you.

Or we could pause right this moment
And fish out the beautiful seconds
Hidden within sands of drudgery
And lift our heads in gratitude
And say thank you.

We’ll thank you in this season
Whether we do or have no reason
We’ll thank you right this moment
Here. Now. We say Thank You.


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