I made free screen savers and wallpapers for you.

I blogged about my new life quite recently and many of you were very happy for me. And that made me happy. Your generosity and support have compelled me to take a look at my life, see it for the blessing it is, and I thought the best way to say thank you, was to give you something you could put on your wall or use as a screen saver.

So yesterday morning, I packed my camera, walked to the cove, sat down, offered prayers of thanksgiving to the One who already sees my future as history. And then after that, I wrote a story entitled "How the crab got to fly" for my children, and then I took these photographs for you.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time reading poetry. Poetry is my first love but I have never treated her right. Fortunately, I think she still loves me; and I hope that spark I felt yesterday, blossoms into something beautiful.

Enjoy these images and remember always that someone somewhere cares about you.

Here is a download link to the high res versions: https://plus.google.com/110038741574265967213/posts/CjG8pt4RBHN


baston said…
thank u! :)

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