Honour the Mosquitoes

I love mosquitoes. Especially, the female anopheles. I think we need to replace the eagles on our national coat of arms with mosquitoes.  If your grandfather fought for independence or died trying, forgive me. I am not trivialising their sacrifice but if you will be honest, you know them white folk were more afraid of  dying from Malaria than they were of our catapults and talismans. 

But Malaria isn’t really what’s on my mind at this moment. It is Buruli ulcer. Why? Today, I went to visit Billy. A truly amazing Scottish man who works with orphans in Prampram. Health workers came to vaccinate them against yellow fever, now four of them have Buruli ulcer. Yes. Buruli ulcer. I hope nobody decided to use the poor orphans as guinea pigs O?

 I think there are two ways to silence the people. You can either stuff their mouths with filthy rugs or with good food. Both of them will silence them but one will make them hate you, the other will make them love you. Politicians, are you listening?

Recently, a friend of mine called my writing. “The rantings of a mad man”. Me? A mad man? Since when? Do mad people know when they are mad? Did I say he’s my friend? With friends like that who needs enemies?  Enjoy your weekend :)


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