Small, Small, man dey grow O

Today, I turned 37. A part of my brain says “In only 13 years, you will be 50”. The other side says: “You are not 73, you are 37”. Fortunately, I always saw the old people in my life age beautifully but it is just dawning on me that may be, just may be… ageing beautifully is a choice they made.

I have a friend who is currently educating me on facebook about why I don’t look like a Taurus but rather like an Aries. Whatever these things mean. Do people really believe in those things? Do you? If I became every animal that symbolised me, I’d be what you get in the lab when you mix an antelope, a bull, a sheep, a lion and a wolf. 

Today, I feel extra grateful to all the people I don’t know and all those I know, who have supported me over the years.  I also want to thank my friends. I know I am not the easiest of friends to have. I know I can lose it sometimes, and even not realise it when I do. I know I can be fun but also a lot of pain… and in being who I am, I have hurt and lost a lot of friends along the way. But some of you have stayed, fought me, confronted me, encouraged me, corrected me, blessed me, educated me, rebuked me, insulted me, cursed me, loved me, loved me, loved me and cried and laughed with me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
I am currently in Abidjan, on assignment and not really in a blogging mindset, so I will end here. Enjoy the pictures… and have fun for me, wherever you are today.


Unknown said…
well happy birthday!
Unknown said…
Happy Cake Day!!! Wish you many, many more.

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