How I started blogging and why you should vote

My first blog post was on 28th December, 2006. I should have been chewing Christmas chicken with my family at the time but I couldn’t afford that luxury.
There was too much going on in my mind. I had walked away from advertising, hanged my boots as a Creative Director, and stepped out of the air-conditioned offices that had been my world into the hot, unforgiven world out there, wielding a small camera, a lens and a flash and calling myself a photographer.  It wasn’t cool to be a photographer in 2006 in Ghana.

Everybody thought I was crazy for walking away from it all… and choosing a career that was mostly reserved for school drop outs. What they didn’t know was that at that time in my life, only two things made me happy: Photography and Writing. In those two worlds, I didn’t have to conform. I didn’t have to be politically correct. In 2006, when most Ghanaians even struggled sending and receiving emails, blogging became my escape… a a window that offered me an opportunity to share my world with the rest of the world. The very first words on my blog were:

“Everyday of our lives should be a Celebration. Truth be told, we often miss the moments that matter most, but we occasionally get lucky and capture a bit of it through the photograph.
These photos, sometimes taken for a client, sometimes taken for a friend, sometimes taken of family, sometimes taken for fun or pain, are all together a celebration of a soul as it experiences the world through the window called LENS.”

I invite you celebrate all the amazing bloggers who over the years have produced immense content that challenged our perceptions and ideologies by voting for them. In 2006, I couldn’t even imagine a time will come when there will be a Blogging Ghana. Today, I have been nominated for a couple of awards and that feels good. I didn’t see this day coming and I really will want to congratulate all the founding members and current executives and members of Blogging Ghana for leading us here.  I will want to use this opportunity to invite you to support their good work by going to the site and voting for the best blog in each category. Let’s keep the flame burning.

Vote at:


Annette Akye said…
you deserve to win, oh i quickly nominated you and was glad to see you were shortlisted! keep up the good work, def voting for you and hope to see you at the blogging Ghana camp
Amma Mama said…
You have my vote! I hope you win :-)
Unknown said…
I can't vote. It keep giving me an error with the security word. I've tried 3 times. But for your info, I'm a huge fan.

From New Orleans, LA

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