Games we played in childhood, lives we live in adulthood

I am nostalgic this morning, that is why I am sharing this photo with you.
I used to play Daddy. I will come back from work, refuse to eat the food, and "my wife" had to beg me. She will use the opportunity to talk about how "the chop money" is small or there was no food in the market" etc. Finally, I will lift some of the "food", (actually sand) close to my lips, pretend to eat and give the rest to "my children".

Did you play these games as a kid? What roles did you often play? Do you think these roles in anyway now reflect your adulthood?


Dzjiedzjee said…
I have never heard of such game. Very interesting :-)

Greetings from the Netherlands,

SocialDela said…
hahah I played this game paa. I am usually picked as one of the children and I have to cook for daddy and mommy. hehehe
Malaka said…
LOL! Yep! We used to play this game all the time. I was always the maid though. I grew up to be a housewife, which is a maid called "mommy". I guess it had a direct effect.
@ Malaka, you just cracked me up! Never thought "mommy" was synonym for maid but it actually is :)

@Dela, how come you were always one of the children? Do you have older siblings, older cousins etc? Did you always play with older kids? Does it reflect anything in your current life?

@ Gert, we learn something new everyday, don't we? :)
t said…
Quietly tearing leaves in a corner (leaves = meat). Someone else delegated and made the actual soup. I got a solo task. It figures.
Abena said…
I was always Maame,never agreed to be a child,hw33 the fun was always in being the Mama!
And yes pilolo &Stay &yes chaskele too and all other games I can't think of..
My childhood was soo much fun.I miss it dearly.*sniff*sniff*

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