The Baby My Mama Nearly Didn't Have

Yes, I am that baby my mama nearly didn’t have. 

She was young, unmarried, intelligent with a whole world ahead of her 
and a tiny bump threatening to pull it all down.  But that was not the worst part...

Her dad. He was powerful, rich, erratic and had a gun.
Her mother, she was elitist, respected, looked up to, and very scared now.
The story changes depending on who tells it but bottom line is…
There was a doctor,  a few attempts…

    But that bump grew and grew and finally became me.

I am that precious baby my mama nearly didn’t have.


nii odzenma said…
real touching piece. Opening picture is priceless. thumbs up!
Malaka said…
Touching and brilliant. I love the way you combine stories with your art. I'm grateful you were born and that I'm able to share your gift!
wow, gr8te piece, can't stop reading it coz it really draws a picture of me... pls allow me to share this on my other social media... will surely reference you..

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