Portrait of HIV+ Mother with HIV- Child

Help me spread the word. Someone out there needs to know this: When you are HIV+ and your partner is HIV+, you can still have children who are negative. All you have to do is make sure you are on Anti Retroviral Treatment and you will be fine. Yes, 99% of children of HIV infected women who are on ART are born HIV negative.

Here is a beautiful portrait of Joyce and her lovely lovely daughter Dela. Dela was born HIV negative, just like her first born son. 

There really is life after HIV. Don't give up.


Thank you for sharing this. I love the right-based and social justice approach you bring to your work and passion. Thank you-they are very inspiring to me as a fellow Ghanaian and activist, and one who is passionate about making a difference through the arts (using music to promote culture and social justice)on some of the most critical issues of our time. And more than anything I am passionate about my continent and the women who hold critical pieces to keep it going. There is truly life after HIV-it's called Positive Living. Let's end the stigma and how we ostracize those living with HIV/AIDS in our communities.

Muchas Gracias, Ndaase, Asante and Merci Beaucoup Nana
Amma Mama said…
God is good :-)
Anonymous said…
Nana Kofi- this and other article about GH & gay rights make me want to be friends with you.

Your articles & thoughts are COOL.
I like picture- Pretty lady. Happy for her.

HIV facts are true. Palava with Ghana though is people are not adequately informed about treatment options. By the way are drugs available and affordable_ doubt and fear makes many avoid testing.

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