For Princesses... on our 8th Wedding Anniversary.

She grew up on stories. Amazing “Happily Ever After” stories of damsels in distress and Prince Charming coming to their rescue and they not only falling in love but being happy lovers forever. 

Boys dream of being pirates but girls dream of being rescued from whatever castle holds them in childhood. Sometimes it’s a castle called “SafeHome”; over secured, suffocating- trapping her in for what feels like eternity. Sometimes, it’s a castle called “AbuseDom”; originally used to hold slaves. In fact, mum and dad themselves were slaves and know no better language or manner. O, that Prince Charming will come quickly before every iota of self-esteem is drained out of her fragile soul. Girls grow up in many different castles. But no matter how good or bad their childhood experiences have been, a time comes when she can’t wait for Prince Charming to come along. She’s made sandwiches to share, she’s bought gasoline for his car, she’s even carried an extra pillow for when they are tired. She’s ready to go… and fortunately, he turns up.

Sometimes he comes as a frog. Sometimes he comes as a mean-looking beast. Sometimes he comes in a shiny armour, riding a white horse, wielding a golden sword. A princess’ picture of how Prince Charming should look like has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with which castle she grew up in. It is hard to tell a good man when you’ve never known one. It’s hard to choose better than your mum did. Not impossible, but often quite harder than it seems.

So Princess-Waited-Long-Enough, before you stop that car and hitch-hike to “Happily Ever After-Land” , don’t just look at Prince Charming and what he says to you. Don't ignore the little things.  Look meticulously at his car- because it will tell you everything you need to know. It will tell you where he’s been, who he’s been with; and even more importantly how far he can go. It is futile to jump into the car of a man who is going nowhere; it takes more for a car to run than just gasoline, sandwiches and an extra pillow. If after you’ve dispassionately inspected his person, his ambitions, his values, his beliefs, his weaknesses, his story, his family, his career, his education, his relationships… After you have prayerfully examined everything there is, and you feel he is Mr. Right, hop in completely. Give it your all… and if he really is your Prince Charming, you will have the ride of a life time.

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary… and if my wife isn’t lying to me, she’s having quite a ride.


Anonymous said…
This story is beautiful and every girl, woman and lady has to take heed.
Unknown said…
Congratulations Nana! I wish you and your family many, many more years of love and joy!

Thank you too for the wisdom you shared. I appreciate it and every girl that is trying to choose a life partner will definitely benefit from your experience.

Amma Mama said…
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your lovely wife!
Sankofa said…
This was so beautiful. Happy anniversary and may you enjoy countless more.
SocialDela said…
Happy anniversary. Congrats to both of you for making it this far. Keep it up

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