Pictures from Ghana's Ol' Skuul Reunion

Unlike most Ghanaians, I had to attend three secondary schools. Yesterday, I saw two of them represented at the Ol' Skuul Reunion.  I also happened to see the Sacred Choir of ATL, my University Hall, busily singing their profane songs as usual.  One Vandal nearly broke my camera because they didn't want to be photographed. The Katanga boys clashed with the Police and Military Police.  I have to confess I didn't enjoy what I saw and also understood why most people I know were not interested.  

 Someone recently asked on Facebook so I will say it here. I attended Tema Secondary School for 6th Form. In fact, I was Chapel Prefect and not the nicest one from what I hear. I remember when I was in Uni, one day there was a knock on my door. I said "Come in". This girl entered and said, "I'm looking for FLAT G2". I raised my head to tell her, she was in the wrong room but just when I did and she saw my face, she blurted: "Ei! You this Senior. You were very wicked!" Not a nice way to be remembered... I know... I know.
 I was originally a Valco Haller in the University of Cape Coast but moved to ATL because I worked for ATL FM and they offered me a free room. I remember hearing the Sacred Choir perform once in the centre of our Hall... the profanity was so much I got a headache.   What amazed me was the number of girls who thronged into our Hall to watch these guys perform and the excitement on their faces. They cheered them on, they clapped, they danced. I just couldn't help thinking.... "If I run into these same girls at church tomorrow, they will pretend they don't know what a "wee wee gun" is :).
 For most Ghanaians, the yellow gallon, famously called "Kuffuor Gallon" has come to represent water but what this guy is holding is not water O. It is haaaaaard liquor. Hard liquor makes it easier for one to loosen up and misbehave.

 I witnessed this eating competition between an Accra Aca boy and a Temascho Boy. I laughed. They ate like girls. I know a bunch of guys from time who ate with the ferocity of malnourished hyenas. Today, they wear suit and tie and work in banks, pretending to be gentlemen. The Temascho boy won hands down but the Accra Aca boy was a better performer.

That is the Katanga yellow flag somewhere at the back. The boys were too aggressive and I didn't have the energy to beat their security. I went there to relax, not work. I feel my creative energies have been low lately. In fact, I think you can feel it on the blog. May be I need a new muse, may be I should turn my attention to one of my many other hobbies. May be I should just sleep more. It's a season. It will pass. Have a great week.


Ewiase said…
i was expecting lots of pictures, but as you said, you were there to 'lelax' and not to work.

t said…
Wow, you're a gifted storyteller.
I remember when Naija used to do these annual reunions in the US. I wonder : did we have such colourful men's clothes then too?
Henk said…
interesting idea "pretending to be gentlemen"
Lana said…
I love the menswear african print trousers! so cool and retro xx

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