Sunday, 9 September 2012

For starving photographers and artists

We had been on the road for close to two weeks, documenting Ghana. We stopped by the road side to photograph some women selling foodstuff; and that is when I took this photo of Bob. He doesn't remember it. I had forgotten it existed but found it looking for old photos a client had requested. Now, I need to find one of Steve. Something scandalous :)

This, obviously is a prank but if there's anything I can tell any struggling artist or photographer, it will be: "If you really love art, then don't stop; but avoid any situation that will make you hate your art. If it becomes necessary, get a second job. Moonlight as a graphic designer or whatever else you know to do. Heck, you can even sell kontomire... but DON'T STOP CREATING ART.

Have a great week.


Jolene said...

**amen** I enjoy cooking so much I chose to not pursue cooking school because I don't want to hate it. I now love cooking for my beautiful soon to be 7 children! I'd still enjoy taking some new cooking classes just for fun but no degree...simply the enjoyment of creating and filling little tummies!

Unknown said...

Awesome & crystal clear photo-artistry plus concise & anecdotal excerpts!

SocialDela said...


How Do You Uproot 500 Years of Racism?