La Pleasure Beach in fresh pictures

I’ve always said the La Pleasure beach is a microcosm of Ghana but today, I might have to stretch that truth just a little further. 

La Pleasure Beach is a microcosm of the World!

I still remember five years ago, when Shirley patiently pealed off the several layers of blindness and naivety with which I had approached the beach. 

She owned a bar there, and as an old friend from school, she was happy to induct me into their world. 

I got to know who were the pimps, the workers, the gigolos, the pushers, the junkies and everybody and anybody that mattered.

I know I have enough photos from this place to make a book but we’ll talk about that another time. Today, I had to tune a lens I don’t use very often for an assignment that demands it so I took my camera and off I went. 

I had an excellent excuse to photograph my favorite beach, which I had abandoned for a while.

I can say almost half of the people I met on the beach were non-Ghanaian, mostly Nigerians, Ivorians and a mix of other nationalities, both African and non Africans. That says a lot about Ghana and our proverbial hospitality.

What breaks my heart is that Ghana is also quickly becoming known as a destination for cheap sex tourism.


Unknown said…
Nice pics.
Looking at them makes me missing Ghana more. Wished I could be at Labadi beach too. (=

Have a nice day
Unknown said…
These pictures are so gorgeous...
Bravo, Nana! I like your pics !

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