Mama's Gold

Mama's Gold lies deeply buried along
with dreams of her Princess childhood.

She probes Earth for meaning and a meal
and if that fails, she must turn over at night
for those other miners to dig through her fields

Mama's Gold is buried 
along with her dreams.


Ewiase said…
those were the days when we thought this was a dangerous work and is now being done by women too. this is really serious.
yeh said…
This is beautiful! Love the earthy color scheme and the shadows! Beautiful photo journalism.
SocialDela said…
African Mothers the most hardworking in the world but the least rewarded
nii dzenma said…
am deeply touched.
only pray that the "other" miner will be of more support to her after mining.
yeh said…
and I saw your picture on BBC, nice:
Ewiase, it's a tough life out there for most of our women. Often, a number of them have to choose between depending on an abusive spouse, doing a risky job like this one or trying prostitution.
Yeh, thank you for your kind words and for pointing me to the BBC post. Good job there by Jepchumba.
Dela, African mothers really work hard but I have no statistics to prove they are the "most hardworking in the world". Don't get me wrong, I'm a witness to the price they often pay for motherhood and I know a lot of mothers around the world share these burdens too.
Nii Dzenma, I wish so too. I can't stand men who use and dump women like they are nothing. Fairplay is a principle for life not just football

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